Families of WARRIORS (currently battling pediatric cancer)

and ANGELS (pediatric cancer warriors who have earned their angel wings)

need as much support as possible while undergoing treatment or memorializing their loved ones.

We at The Gianna Effect Foundation ("GEF") know that there are various ways

to warm the hearts of those currently affected by pediatric cancer.


Uplifting gifts, financial assistance, service, and support all help shine a light in someone's world;

and we will post some of our current and past GEF work delivering such love and kindness here.   

Good morning

Our driving inspiration for creating The Gianna Effect Foundation is Gianna Marie Gambino,

an angel who bravely battled Osteosarcoma for 2 years.

Gianna was filled with love and light, and sought to spread kindness every chance she'd get.

She was a creative spirit with a huge heart, who happened to cherish anything artistic.

Her love of makeup grew during the period of time she was undergoing chemotherapy - partially, because it was a self-care therapeutic escape; and partially, because the strong medicines took her hair so she was looking for a way to brighten her face without it.

Mary J. Blige recently released a new album and song entitled "Good Morning Gorgeous" abbreviated as GMG, which also happens to be Gianna's initials!

The Gianna Effect Foundation realized that April (Gianna's birthday month) was a perfect opportunity to launch a beauty bag initiative, where we compile some of Gianna's favorite items into gift bags for patients currently undergoing treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC (where Gianna was treated). 


Good Morning
Gorgeous, Pt 2

As part of the ongoing "14 Acts of Kindness" initiative (that was originally started in 2021 as "13 Acts of Kindness" during the month of Gianna Marie Gambino's 13th birthday), The Gianna Effect Foundation collaborated with a local Girl Scout Troop to assemble "Good Morning Gorgeous" gift bags as an act of service for distribution to patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. 

GMG stands for "Good Morning Gorgeous" now thanks to Mary J. Blige's latest album, and it also happens to be our beloved Gianna's initials.