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raising awareness

Part of The Gianna Effect Foundation's caring and meaningful mission

is to increase public consciousness about childhood cancer,

and specifically rare childhood cancers like osteosarcoma.

To accomplish this task, we placed fact-based banners around Brooklyn, NYC

in key high-traffic areas during childhood cancer awareness month in 2021.

We continued the practice in 2022, and also helped to organize multiple events  

that brought attention to childhood cancer while celebrating our beloved angel Gianna.


Please view some selected pictures below. 


ps 222 

This is where Gianna attended elementary school.

East 36th Street

This is the location of a special Gianna memorial wall that was painted by Brooklyn artist Westbay.


green-wood cemetery

This is where Gianna is interred.

Brooklyn Cyclones stadium

Maimonides Park is a minor league baseball stadium on the Riegelmann Boardwalk in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York City. The home team and primary tenant is the New York Mets-affiliated Brooklyn Cyclones of the

High-A East. Gianna was part of their dance squad, and they honored her with a tribute game in September (which also served as a kickoff even for The Gianna Effect Foundation).



We Got The Scoop ice cream shop in Brooklyn worked in conjunction with GEF to create "GG's Gold Ribbon Shake", a delicious combination of some of Gianna's favorite flavors (chocolate, strawberry, and banana pudding).

This shake was exclusively sold for one week during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with proceeds benefitting a GEF donation to research efforts.

Social media influencer and comedian Lil "Mo" Mozzarella and Councilwoman Mercedes Narcisse even stopped by to helped promote and support the effort.

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 5.20.03 PM.png

kick childhood
cancer out of this world

All American Soccer Club's Sidekick team helped to contribute to GEF's

childhood cancer awareness efforts by donning yellow/gold t-shirts instead of 

their traditional jerseys for one very special September game. 

And of course, they won!


school spirit

The Gianna Effect Foundation worked to get schools in District 22 to honor childhood cancer angels and warriors with an awareness day in September.

Teachers, students, and administrative staff were asked to "go gold" with yellow/gold clothing for one day during childhood cancer awareness month.

Private and Catholic schools in Brooklyn and Queens jumped on board to join the effort on September 23, 2022.



District 22 approved officially renaming PS 222's gymnasium after Gianna.

GEF was able to coordinate the unveiling ceremony to coincide with childhood cancer awareness month, so that we could increase visibility for the cause.


Thank you to Mr. Timothy Crockett, Principal Theresa Olivieri, and Superintendent Bove for bringing this to fruition. 

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