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Since 2021, The Gianna Effect Foundation ("GEF") has made several donations,

in order to warm the hearts of families in their community.

There are many plans in the works for the future,

as additional events and fundraising opportunities are announced.

Please check back as more content is added.

a saintly

In September 2022, The Gianna Effect Foundation orchestrated a meaningful community statue donation for Good Shepherd Church in Brooklyn.

The statue honors the legacy of 2 Giannas: 

St. Gianna Beretta Molla

and Gianna Marie Gambino.


St. Gianna was an Italian Roman Catholic pediatrician who passed during childbirth from complications caused by a uterine tumor. Her feast day is celebrated on the day she passed - April 28.

Our namesake Gianna Marie Gambino passed from complications of a tumor caused by osteosarcoma, and her birthday just happened to be one day before St. Gianna's feast day.

For these reasons, GEF felt that this statue was a fitting representation of several important messages: the never-ending love of a parent, appreciation for medical professionals, and awareness about childhood cancer.


The Gianna Effect Foundation donated a Christmas tree and decorations to Good Shepherd Church in December 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, church attendance and community gatherings were down; and the annual tree lighting was cancelled in 2020.


GEF knew how much joy this event brought to kids in the neighborhood, and decided to step in and take action to ensure that an event would occur in 2021.


In April 2021, The Gianna Effect Foundation donated a buddy bench to PS 222; in the hopes that children would always feel welcomed during recess and schoolyard fun.  

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