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The Gianna Effect Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that aims to shine a light on the difficult journey families face when their child is diagnosed with a rare pediatric cancer (such as osteosarcoma).

We aspire to brighten the days ahead by providing joy to children who are undergoing intense treatment, and monetary assistance to parents burdened with financial stress so that they can focus on valuable family time.

about gianna


about gianna

Gianna Marie Gambino was a shining light for her community.


She was a dancer on a competition dance team, a member of The Brooklyn Cyclones' Pee-Wee Dancers, a choir singer for her church, an Arista scholar and recipient of various school awards and commendations, an inspiration, and an all-around role model.

She was a daughter, goddaughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, niece, and friend.

And she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in April 2019. After a long, hard, strong fight; she succumbed to the disease in February 2021.

Her family now hopes to pass along some of her goodness and light, in the form of donations gifted by The Gianna Effect Foundation.

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